Holiday cottage in scenic Blåvand

Holiday cottage in scenic Blåvand

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Holiday cottage in scenic Blåvand

Experience the dunes and white, wide sandy beaches as far as the eye can see

Treat yourself and your family to a holiday in Blåvand - right by the beautiful Danish North Sea. Blåvand has experiences for the entire family from the Bunker Museum Tirpitz to hiking trails, hard candy maker, Blåvand Zoo and the phantastic panorama view from the 96 metres long jetty.

You can choose among everything from classic holiday cottages to large luxury cottages with swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and lots of activities in our more than 250 houses.

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House no: 70339Blåvand6 persons,  134 m²Pets are not allowed.2.5 km to coast.Thatched holiday cottage located on a large secluded and sheltered plot within walking distance of Blåvand's impressive white sand beach and the vibrant city life. The kitchen contains all modern facilities. There is a spacious living room, ...House no: 18892Blåvand6 persons,  60 m²Animals are allowed.500 m to coast.Terraced house with a south-west faced terrace. There are 3 bedrooms, a living room with wood-burning stove and well-equipped kitchen with e.g. a dish washer. Walking distance to the North Sea and Blåvand lighthouse. Free admittance to water ...House no: 35261Blåvand6 persons,  80 m²Pets are not allowed.1.8 km to coast.Traditional holiday cottage located on a large, natural plot. The house is personally and cosily furnished and maintained but not renovated over a number of years. The open plan kitchen and living room has direct access to the terrace where ...House no: 33206Blåvand24 persons,  405 m²Animals are allowed.2.5 km to coast.This well-furnished holiday cottage offers absolutely all the leisure and recreational activities that the heart may desire. The house has an impressive swimming pool room which is provided with a swimming pool with a water slide, a large whirlpool ...House no: 97657Blåvand6 persons,  104 m²Animals are allowed.1.8 km to coast.Holiday cottage located in quiet, scenic area within short distance to both the shops and to the North Sea. The house has an open concept kitchen-family room with wood-burning stove and great lighting as well as a unique view over the dunes/moor. ...House no: 35961Blåvand8 persons,  116 m²Pets are not allowed.1.7 km to coast.Holiday cottage close to one of the best beaches in Denmark. The house was built in the best materials and has bright rooms and an interesting layout with a large living room with modern furnishing. The house is energy friendly due to the heat ...

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What you can experience from your holiday home in Blåvand

Blåvand town has a lot of good restaurants and cafes as well as great shopping including specialities with clothes, shoes, arts and crafts and much more. You can also buy fresh fish from the fishmonger for a lovely lunch in your holiday home in Blåvand. Booking a holiday home in Blåvand is a wonderful experience because the area has so much to offer, e.g.:

That special feeling of Blåvand

Blåvand has very good bathing water, and it has for many years been categorised as some of the best. The best water is near Blåvand lighthouse just south of Blåvandshuk. Here you will also find the very first jetty on the North Sea - approx. 3 kilometres south of Blåvandshuk. The 60 metres long jetty gives you panoramic views of the beautiful North Sea at Blåvand, and if you look back towards land you have great views of the long, white beach and the dunes of Blåvand. This helps make holiday home renting in Blåvand unique. Enjoy your holiday in a real Blåvand holiday home

DanCenter offers holiday home rental in Blåvand for you

looking for a holiday near white beaches and beautiful scenery with experiences for the entire family. Our more than 300 holiday homes in the area means you can choose between anything from classic holiday homes to large luxury holiday homes with swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and lots of activities. All you have to do is tell us a little about your wishes and needs for a holiday home in Blåvand, then we will help you tailor just right the holiday for you and your family. The holiday homes in Blåvand has just the right Danish holiday home feeling with relaxation and cosiness. Many of the holiday homes in Blåvand are located at beautiful, white beaches, great nature and happy holiday guests. The North Sea is just a stone's throw away which means you can take a dip in the ocean morning, noon and evening. Take your family for a walk along the North Sea sandy beach and soak up some new energy. On one side you can enjoy the beautiful North Sea and its roaring waves. On the other side you can enjoy the view of the many holiday homes with guests enjoying the sunny terraces with a beer, barbecues and each other's company while the children play in the garden. Give your family a unique experience on a holiday home in Blåvand. DanCenter holiday rentals has room or the entire family - including the dogs. Many of our holiday homes let you bring – for no extra charges – up to 2 pets. Blåvand is a very dog-friendly area with e.g. dog forests in which you can enjoy the fresh air and funny experiences together. The employees at our service centre in Blåvand are ready to help you before and during your holiday. Here you will also receive the key for your holiday home and get lots of great tips and ideas for sights and activities in the area.

Other holiday home areas near Blåvand

Close to Blåvand you will find other great holiday home areas. You can for instance book a holiday home in Henne Strand or Houstrup Strand , which is just north of Blåvand. You can also try an island-holiday and book a holiday home on Fanø or Rømø, which is just south of Blåvand.

Enjoy a holiday at Danland Feriecenter in Blåvand

If you want to try a different type of holiday than a holiday home, you can book a holiday at one of our holiday centres feriecenter. Here you will find a number of shared activities that are often not included in a holiday home. DanCenter's associated company Danland has Ho feriecenter, located right by Blåvand. Here you have free admittance to a number of facilities e.g. child-friendly water park, sauna, whirlpool and play centre.