Rent a holiday home on Ringkøbing Fjord

Rent a holiday home on Ringkøbing Fjord

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Rent a holiday home on Ringkøbing Fjord

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Holiday home in Bork HavnHouse no: 65950Bork Havn8 persons,  136 m²Animals are allowed.100 m to coast.In the heart of the charming fishing village of Bork Havn, you find this unique holiday apartment with a whirlpool. There is plenty of space with no less than 136 m2 and two floors. The architect has focused on creating the perfect layout. The ...Holiday home in Bork HavnHouse no: 26784Bork Havn6 persons,  90 m²Pets are not allowed.1.1 km to coast.Well-furnished and well-equiped holiday cottage in modern style. The house is built of good materials, incl. larch and mahogany. The materials are energy-friendly. The mezzanine is perfect for the children to enjoy with a book or a board game. ...Holiday home in Bork HavnHouse no: 65952Bork Havn8 persons,  134 m²Pets are not allowed.50 m to coast.At the heart of the charming fishing village of Bork Havn, you find this unique holiday apartment. The whirlpool is a relief for sore muscles after a long and active day outdoors. There is no less than 136 m2 on two floors. You are in walking ...Holiday home in Bork HavnHouse no: 38201Bork Havn6 persons,  87 m²Pets are not allowed.400 m to coast.Holiday cottage located on one of the best addresses in Bork Havn, close to the water and very central to shopping, restaurants, the harbour etc. The house has a good decor with modern furniture. After a long day there is plenty of room in the ...Holiday home in Bork HavnHouse no: 35302Bork Havn7 persons,  104 m²Pets are not allowed.1.1 km to coast.Holiday cottage with whirlpool and sauna lcated at the end of a closed road. Large lawn with plenty of room for playing. No letting to youth groups.Holiday home in Bork HavnHouse no: 19649Bork Havn5 persons,  30 m²Animals are allowed.1.0 km to coast.Right where the forest meets the fjord and beach you will find Bork Havn. Here is this little cottage. A lot of the furnishings is from the year it was built and therefore makes the house best suited for guests who only uses it as a base for ...

Spend your holiday near Ringkøbing Fjord.

The Ringkøbing Fjord area, on the east side of the fjord, is a region that is characterised by its many holiday homes: from Bork Havn in the south, Hemmet Strand and Skaven in the centre, to Stauning in the north. It is situated in what is known as the "Nature's Kingdom", in what is Denmark's largest municipality. With its 300 sq. km., at 30 km. long and 8 km. wide, Ringkøbing Fjord is the largest of the inland West Jutland fjords. It is shielded from the North Sea by the narrow, long spit - Holmsland Klit - and connects to the North Sea at Hvide Sande via a lock.

Stay in a holiday home near scenic Ringkøbing Fjord

A visit to Skjern Ådal with its bird observation tower, picnic area and footpaths is a must. Ringkøbing Fjord is an incredibly beautiful, unspoiled area, surrounded by large expanses of salt marshes. The fjord has been to important to fishermen who have benefitted from the rich fjord's rich animal and bird life down through the years. Today, Ringkøbing Fjord contains some of Denmark's most important areas for birds, which is why large parts of the area are protected (the Tipperne Reserve). Værnegene and the Tipperne Reserve provide resting/foraging areas for large numbers of waders and migratory birds.

The area is a "refuge" for animal and bird life, and restrictions are, therefore, imposed on us humans, both in terms of our means of transport and visiting times. Here, just for once, things are run on the animals' / birds' terms. Efforts are being made to to preserve the area in a hectic world where everything is constantly changing.

Attractions and sights to visit along Ringkøbing Fjord

Stay in a holiday home near scenic Ringkøbing Fjord

DanCenter holiday home rentals has a large selection of holiday homes near Ringkøbing Fjord. In Bork Havn, Skaven and Stauning, the authentic harbour environments have been preserved and the focus is very much on the maritime atmosphere. Discover the harbour in Bork, where commercial fishermen tie up at the quayside and sell freshly caught flounder and plaice. The present meets the past here at the harbour on each era's terms. At the drying area, the nets and traps are dried by the fresh air. The harbour's history is conveyed interestingly through posters and old fishing gear displayed in the newly built fishing lodge on the quay. A holiday here should include a visit to the port of Bork. Hemmet Strand, a holiday home area, in a beautiful location right beside Hemmet Beach. Many of the holiday homes here are situated in a hilly, wooded area with paths leading to the lovely beach. At Skaven, you can watch the ferries cross Skjern Å (Creek) and, at Stauning, you can visit the Danish Aircraft Museum.

Physical activities - Ringkøbing Fjord

Along the west side of the fjord, lie some of Denmark's best beaches. Here, you can enjoy a day out by the North Sea to the full. South of Ringkøbing Fjord is Blåbjerg Dune Plantation, where you'll find Denmark's highest dune at 64 metres. The plantation is a mix of woodland and heathland, and is the obvious choice of you're looking for a place to hike or enjoy a bike ride, particularly on a mountain bike, which is recommended. Incidentally, there are bike paths/cycle routes to and around the fjord (105 km.). Nearby: Nebel Rail Bikes. Try your hand at riding a rail bikes on the abandoned railroad.