Book a holiday home on Bornholm - choose from 200 great holiday homes

Book a holiday home on Bornholm - choose from 200 great holiday homes

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Book a holiday home on Bornholm - choose from 200 great holiday homes

On this page you will find a wide selection of great holiday homes on Bornholm. You have more than 200 houses to choose between from classic holiday homes to large luxury homes with swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and plenty of activities.

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Holiday home in Østre SømarkenHouse no: 12338Østre Sømarken6 persons,  77 m²Animals are allowed.500 m to coast.Well located, modern holiday cottage on a natural plot bordering a small stream. Furnished in Scandinavian style. There is fibre-optic broadband. From the living room you have access to the partly covered terrace. Nearby you have a child-friendly, ...Holiday home in SandvigHouse no: 29387Sandvig6 persons,  80 m²Pets are not allowed.900 m to coast.Well-furnished holiday cottage in a beautiful and quiet location next to idyllic Sandvig. View to the rocks at Hammerbakkerne and to the Baltic Sea. Next to sandy beach and to Sandvig with its restaurants and shops. From the neighbour town there ...Holiday home in DueoddeHouse no: 56561Dueodde8 persons,  112 m²Pets are not allowed.200 m to coast.Norwegian style log cabin with grass roof located on a great natural plot with the sandy beach right next door. There are protected areas on 3 sides of the house which give you the feeling of being all alone in the area. Nordic style furnishings ...Holiday home in SandkåsHouse no: 26646Sandkås2 persons,  28 m²Pets are not allowed.200 m to coast.28 m² holiday apartment with sea view situated in Sandkås. Modern, Scandinavian furniture. From the living room there is access to a terrace with garden furniture. The apartment has a kitchenette/pantry permitting plain cooking. There is TV ...Holiday home in SvanekeHouse no: 34976Svaneke4 persons,  54 m²Pets are not allowed.50 m to coast.Holiday apartment in idyllic location - between Svaneke and Årsdale - directly to the sea. Big play area for the children. This apartment is one of three apartments on a fantastic plot facing the scenic rocky coast. 50 metres to the sea and ...Holiday home in SandkåsHouse no: 42432Sandkås3 persons,  48 m²Pets are not allowed.20 m to coast.Well-maintained holiday cottage directly to the cliffs and the sea in the small fishing hamlet called Tejn. Fantastic view. Small atrium. Big terrace facing the sea. Bright and charming furnishings. Flat screen with big Viasat package. This ...

Holiday home on Bornholm - just a few hours South of Copenhagen

Are you dreaming of white sandy beaches, dramatic rock formations , scenic nature, cosy ports, cultural delights and world-class goutmet experiences? The a holiday home on Bornholm is the perfect destination for you and your family. Bornholm is just 90 minutes sailing from Sweden and you will buses and trains going from Copenhagen to Ystad in Sweden, from where you take the ferry to Bornholm. The small size of the island means it it easy to cross the island either by car og even bike, not matter where your holiday home is located.

Why holiday homes on Bornholm are so popular

Besides the fact that it is easy and affordable traveling to Bornholm, there are lots of other reasons for Bornholm being so popular. Bornholm offers experiences that are quite unique - for kids and grown-ups alike. No matter where on Bornholm you find a holidy home, yiu will have access to lots of beautiful nature experiences and lots of interesting sights. From everything from sports events to politics to music festivals. Try e.g. the mountain run, BornFondo, in May, the political meeting in Allinge in June and the Wonderfestivall in August. Furthermore, you will also find the amusementpark Brændegårdshaven in Svenek and 3 scenic golf courses in Dueodde, Rø and Rønne.

National record of the most sunny hours - and other national records

The Pearl of the Baltic, the Sunshine Island and the Rock Island - Bornholm has a lot of flattering names. There is a reason to why Bornholm is called the Sunshine Island - there are 85 more hours of sunshine on Bornholm than in the rest of Denmark. And that is not the only national record, Bornholm holds. On Bornholm you will find the highest waterfall (Døndalen), the deepest cave (Sorte Gryde), Denmark's biggest round church (Østerlars Rundkirke), Denmark's biggest rock engravings (Madseløkke), Denmark's oldest post mill (Bechs Mølle), Denmark's longest cableway (at the Opal Lake) and Denmark's only mountain lake (Hammersø) just to name a few.

Bornholm has grand and unique nature

The nature of Bornholm is unique in Danish, and it offers lots of experiences and activities for both children and adults. Here you will find large forest areas, white sandy beaches, open landscapes, dramatic rock formations and not least plenty of sea view. A holiday home on Bornholm is therefore a perfect base if you are looking for unique and magnificent nature experiences. In the middle of the island you will find Denmark's fifth largest forest, Almindingen, where you can be lucky to see a real European bison. Almindingen also offers the great ravine Ekkodalen, the 162 meter high viewpoint Rytterknægten and the 35 tons heavy Rokkestenen. The latter is a walking block from the Ice Age and one among more than 175 walking blocks on Bornholm. In the eastern part of Almindingen you will find Paradibakkerne with a large network of hiking trails. The Paradisbakkerne are rich in flora and fauna and has a number of rare toads and reptile. In Gudhjem on the northern part of the island you will find the Døndalen, which - in addition to a beautiful nature, offers nothing less than Denmark's highest waterfall with a drop of about 20 metres!

White sandy beaches for miles - and lakes in different colours

Bornholm offers a large selection of beautiful white sandy beaches. Visit, for example, the spectacular Dueodde beach, or take a trip to Sandvig, Balka, Arnager or Sorthat. Not far from the coast of Hasle on the west side of the island you will find the lakes Smaragdsøen, Rubinsøen, Pyritsøen and Safirsøen, whose names refer to the color of the lakes' shiny surfaces. The lakes have arisen as a result of clay and coal mining, and they are today a favorite tourist destination, especially for anglers. Not all of Bornholm's shores are sandy beaches. On the coastline between Tejn and Gudhjem on the northeastern part of the island you will find the Helligdomsklipperne. The, up to 20 meters high granite columns, are named after a sacred source from ancient times originating here. Here you can also explore the Sorte Gryde; a narrow cave that stretches 60 metres into Bornholm subsurface. Remember your flashlight!

Experience a food and culture Mecca

The townscape on Bornholm is characterised by idyllic fishing villages, coloured half-timbered houses with hollyhocks, narrow cosy streets and not least countless smokehouses where you can enjoy a tasty lunch. A true Bornholm specialty is "Sol over Gudhjem" - an open sandwich with smoked herring, egg yolk, chives and radishes - which you just have to taste before you leave your holiday home on Bornholm. Many craftsmen live on Bornholm - especially ceramics, but also sculptors, painters and glassblowers. If you visit Baltic Sea Glass in Gudhjem or Pernille Bülow Glass in Svaneke, you can experience the working glassworks. If you want a little taste of Bornholm, visit the hard candy makers Bolchekogeriet or Svaneke Bolcher on the town square in Svaneke and not so far from there, the brewery Svaneke Bryghus.

Bornholm's most well-known trade mark is medieval fortress Hammershus on the north tip of Bornholm, Northern Europe's largest castle ruin. Another known landmark is the characteristic and over 800 years old round churches. Østerlars Round Church is the largest and most famous of churches. In Nylars Round Church and Nyker Round Church you can see beautiful and well-preserved paintings.

There are numerous museums on Bornholm. Among the most known are NaturBornholm (in Åkirkeby), Bornholms Kunstmuseum (in Rø), Bornholms Medieval Center (in Gudhjem), Bornholm Technical Collection (in Allinge), Hjorths Keramikmuseum (i Rønne) and the Oluf Høst Museum (in Gudhjem).

The pearl of the Baltic - Østersøens perle

Bornholm and the small islands called Ertholmene are the easternmost islands of Denmark. You will find Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea, and this is the only part of Skåne (southern Sweden) left on Danish hands. Thanks to its location Bornholm is a very sunny island with a clear and special light that attracts many artists. You often hear that Bornholm and its nature reflects all of Denmark as it is hilly and green with rich plough-land and a huge forest. Bornholm is also the only place in Denmark where you will find dramatic cliffs, and on the southern coast there is a large, white sandy beach. The bedrock lies very close to ground surface, and especially in the northern part of the island there are dramatic groups of cliffs along the coast, like for instance Løvehovederne and Jons Kapel between Hammerknuden and Hasle and the tall Helligdomsklipper rising from the sea (up to 22 metres) between Tejn and Gudhjem.

How to find just the right holiday home on Bornholm for you

Bornholm is a versatile holiday island with a wide selection of holiday homes. Find your dream holiday home among our many holiday homes here on this web page and book it online right away. Use the search function to find the houses that match your wishes for location and facilities. You can select houses with just whirlpool, pool and ocean views, and you can select the houses that permit pets. If you are looking for holiday homes in a specific town, you can select the town from our list. Just click on the picture of the house to see facilities, size, distance to ocean, photos of the house and a list of attractions near the house. Enjoy your stay on Bornholm!

Holiday home rentals on Bornholm

DanCenter is one of the biggest operators of holiday homes and apartments on Bornholm. We have around 200 holiday homees at the moment and we are therefore sure, that our holiday home rentals on Bornholm can meet your wishes - wether you are looking for a small, cosy holiday home or a large luxury holiday home for the entire family.